Campaign «Coming home» after the La Palma volcano.

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Due to the eruption of the La Palma volcano, many families have lost everything. Trying to recover the lives of these affected people becomes an urgent and essential question, but there is no easy solution.

The Canary Islands branch from the International Cooperation NGO is working for the improvement of the situation of these families. We want them to spend the next Christmas in a new home. This is the main objective for which this “Returning home” campaign is launched in collaboration with VISOCAN. Our goal is to reach 200 families and help them with their precarious situation.

The VISOCAN company is in charge of acquiring homes for the affected families, buying beds, furniture and technology so that these people can start a new life as soon as possible and in the best conditions. From the International Cooperation NGO, 12,000 euros have been obtained in a charity stream event organized a few days ago. Public figures such as Siro López, Spanish sports journalist, and Ibai Llanos, Spanish streamer, collaborated to help La Palma.


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Campaign «Returning home.»

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