Social Action Programme in Yamusukro

Since 2018, the Colegio de Fomento El Prado and Cooperación Internacional have been collaborating in an educational and social programme aimed at the social promotion of people living in severe poverty.

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The collaboration pursues a double educational and social objective: 

  • Social: To contribute to the development and promote a more dignified life for people living in severe poverty. 
  • Educational: To raise awareness and involve the educational community in a specific social programme that fosters a sense of social commitment among pupils and their families in the face of major inequalities.

In 2024, the program covers the following activities:

1 Child nutrition programme

In most cases, the diet of children and young people in the Yamusukro region consists almost exclusively of attiéké, a fermented cassava-based dish with little nutritional value. 

In collaboration with IMDEA Food , we intend to carry out a study on the current state of child malnutrition and the results of adding more nutritious ingredients: quinoa, chia, etc. We are also studying a pilot quinoa planting programme.  In addition, during the five weeks of the study, in the months of June and July, we want to carry out a child nutrition programme that will provide 1,000 meals a day to children in the villages where we work.

2 Construction of two churches in Kpangbassou and Bezro and two multi-purpose spaces for the inhabitants of Attieouakro.

In line with our Christian identity and that of a significant part of the population, we want to respond to their request to live their faith in a dignified manner in an appropriate place of worship. 

The construction is based on an architectural project carried out professionally and voluntarily by a Madrid studio. The work is being carried out by 120 volunteer students under the construction management of two Spanish professionals, who also come as volunteers, and with the support of some local masons paid with the money we raise.

3 Health care programme for vulnerable populations

In collaboration with the Walé Social Medical Centre in Yamoussoukro we support a programme with the following objectives: 

  • Medical follow-up and feeding of 40 newborns of mothers with HIV infection. 
  • Medical care in the villages through temporary clinics during the months of June and July supported by a volunteer doctor and Walé staff. 
  • Support for other diseases during the year for vulnerable populations: malaria, dengue fever, sickle cell anaemia, etc.

4 Spanish learning programme

In collaboration with the educational authorities of the region during the months of June and July we offer Spanish classes for one hundred and fifty children between 11 and 16 years old who already study our language and who come from poor families. They have never had the opportunity to learn with native speakers.   We offer them a very practical programme in small groups, which they can enjoy and make progress.

Budget Collaborate:

Account transfer: Cooperación internacional. IBAN: ES28 2100 2123 1802 0041 6194